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07 June 2021 | dataset

Niue Protected Area Maps

The Department will ensure the 3 pillars of “Sustainable Development” Social, Economic and Environment are considered together wisely in the process of implementing the Department’s work plan. The Department of Environments vision and mission was created to incorporate and emphasise the concept of “development” which underpins the department responsibility towards sustainable management of natural resources & environment. This plan therefore demonstrates a consolidation of the Department’s responsibilities, while also maintaining its focus on more regulatory systems and efficient service delivery.

Department Vision: Conserve, Preserve and Sustainably manage Niue’s Environment to ensure quality of life for all and future generations.

Mission: To develop, implement and utilize the principles of best practice in the sustainable management of the country's natural resources & environment in partnership with all stake holders.

Value: The Department aims to promote key value and principles of good governance, accountability, and transparency in insuring a healthy secure environment for all to benefit from.


Maps of the different protected areas in Niue

Data and Resource

Niue Marine Protected Area Map

Map of the Niue Marine Protected Area

Niue Terrestrial Protected Areas Map

Map of Niue's terrestrial protected areas

Proposed LSMPA Niue

GIS File displaying the LSMPA of Niue

Vailoapu Namoui MPA

GIS file displaying the Vailoapu Namoui MPA…

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Modified 07 June 2021
Release Date 07 June 2021
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